EPC Services we offer

  • Sarthak Components Pvt. Ltd. has a team of skilled & experience engineers for design-engineering, supply, erection and commissioning of substation up to 33/11 kV (AIS & GIS)

  • SCPL has expertise in system design calculation and equipment sizing-up for 33/11 kV substation.

  • We SCPL are associated with leading substation equipments manufacturer in the respective field from various countries of the world.

  • Compact substation or package substation (CSS / PSS) is the best solution for secondary distribution now days.

  • PSS/ CSS are a compact design with transformer, HT beaker, LT Feeders and also with APFC.

  • PSS/ CSS Metal clad packaged secondary substations are fully assembled, wired and ready to install. Simply mount on a plinth, cable up, earth it and its ready to use. Saves weeks of civil engineering works and cuts down installation costs drastically. Also ideal for locations where space is a constraint and aesthetics have to be given due attention

  • SCPL has expertise in system design calculation and equipment sizing-up for 33/11 kV substation.

  • At this age of technological up gradation we offer our customer, such service, to enhance the ease of use like unmanned substation.

  • By installing this kind of substation we can monitor, control and supervise all the activities of the particular substation from remote area by using “Auto-recloser “ & "Sectionaliser”.

  • You can detect well in advance the failures of potential equipment with our condition monitoring service. Condition monitoring (CM) is very effective initiative to protect any electrical system.

  • Periodically condition monitoring enhances the equipment life and can avoid major system breakdown.

  • Distribution feeder automation solution that improves distribution network reliability by employing self-healing, smart grid technology.

  • 11Kv Underground systems redundancy can be increased using Ring Main Unit (RMU).

  • 11kV & 33kV OH line automation with the use of “Auto-recloser & Sectionaliser”.

  • With the use of “Fault Passage Indicator” (FPI) on 11kV & 33kV OH line the fault area/ zone can be easily detected and restored which helps the utility to minimize the outage time.

  • We provide end to end electrical and automation installation for Industrial as well as Commercial buildings segments.

  • SCPL has a range of products for catering the needs of distribution and transmission industry, tertiary bus insulation is a mandate need now a days for major transmission utility and we are providing fruitful solution and service to those clients.

  • Upgrade or retrofit existing machinery controls to decrease process downtime Minimize breakdowns by pinpointing potential component failure, We have sound skills on retrofitting and repairing of equipment like VCB panel, Numerical Relay etc.